Does SMpower support HTML mail?

As SMS only support pure text message, graphic cannot be shown in SMS. However, SMpower will try to convert the HTML to text message, of course graphics inside HTML will not be shown in the SMS.


Does SMpower support Asian language?

Yes, SMpower will support mail message with multi-byte (Asian language) code set. However, as some of the message does not correctly indicate the code set, sometimes you will not read the Asian characters correctly in the message. 

Asian character filename is not currently supported in the file lister function.


How many characters can be included in one SMS message?

For English message, 160 characters can be supported. If your mail is in multi-byte code set, each SMS will contains only 70 characters, no matter whether that message will actually have the multi-byte or not.


How long will it take for SMpower to response after I send a command to it?

As there will be delay in the mobile provider for delivery the SMS message, plus there is processing time in the SMpower server. Usually it may take about half minutes to one minute to receive the response back.


How fast can SMpower send out SMS?

It takes around 5 to 10 seconds to send out one SMS, approximately 6-8 SMS can be send within one min.


Will there be any charge for sending/receiving SMS messages?

Depending on the plan you have subscribed from the local mobile operator, there may or may not have charge for the sending and receiving of SMS. Currently, many mobile operators in Hong Kong provide free SMS services when send/receive the SMS within there network. So, if your mobile phone and the SMpower use the same provider, you may not have any charge. Please consult your mobile operator.