TCP/IP fundamental
Course Description


TCP/IP is the most popular protocol in the world. This course teaches you the fundamental theory of TCP/IP and basic networking technology including LAN/WAN. Hands on Labs help you to have more concrete experience of setting up a TCP/IP network.

Target Audience

System and network administrator, anyone who wants to go into the networking field shouldn't miss this course.


Course Content (2 days)


  1. TCP/IP overview and the seven layer model

  2. Physical and data link layer

  3. Common LAN technology such as ethernet and token ring

  4. Common WAN technology such as lease line and frame relay

  5. Network layer address resolution protocol

  6. IP addresses and network layer

  7. Common routing protocol

  8. TCP and UDP layer

  9. Common TCP/IP applications


  1. Cable set up of the classroom network

  2. Finding the hardware address of a host

  3. Exploring lease line and Frame relay network layer

  4. Address resolution in PC

  5. Configuration IP addresses

  6. Using common TCP and UDP application



This course itself serves as good pre-requisites for all other networking courses. Basically, to attend this course, you only need basic knowledge of Windows.