VPN Fundamental
Course Description


Virtual private network (VPN) is a key technology that provides a private data network over public network such as Internet for connecting different sites. It is undoubted that VPN can help you to save your business cost instead of using lease lines. Today, IPSEC is a standard protocol to implement IP network VPN, this course will discuss the detail of IPSEC and other VPN related technology.

Target Audience

System and network administrators/managers that need to implement and understand VPN technology.


Course Content (2 days)


  1.   VPN overviev

  2. Application layer encryption technique

  3. Network layer VPN implementation by IPSEC

  4. Site-to-site VPN configuration using pre-share key authentication

  5. Site-to-site VPN configuration using Digital Certification authentication

  6. Remote access VPN


  1. Using OpenSSH as application layer encryption

  2. Configuration of site-to-site VPN by pre-share key

  3. Configuration of site-to-site VPN by Digital Certification

  4. Configuration of remote access VPN



Elementary TCP/IP knowledge is required. The following courses are recommended: