Voice and Data Integration overview
Course Description


Today data network plays an important role in our communication. While using data network to carry voice traffic is certainly the future trend, not only because multi-media applications are growing to be more popular, but also reduce the cost of long telephone call. However, there are still issues to be considered when implementing such a voice and data integration network. There are also different protocol standards for such integration. This course provides you the basic knowledge about such an implementation.

Target Audience

System and network administrators/managers who want to have a better understand about voice and data integration technology.


Course Content (2 days)


  1. Voice and data integration technology overview

  2. Different Compression standards

  3. Voice over frame relay and ATM

  4. Voice over IP

  5. Network QOS consideration

  6. H.323 protocol and gateway

  7. Session Initiation Protocol

  8. Media Gateway Control Protocol





This course requires certain experience and knowledge about TCP/IP network, following courses knowledge are recommended: