TCP/IP network Programming
Course Description


TCP/IP is the most popular protocol nowadays. Most of our Internet services such as Webserver, Email server are using TCP/IP socket interface. To have a better understand of how those servers work, a basic knowledge of TCP/IP network programming interface is quite useful. If you are network engineer or developer, this course is tailored for you.

Target Audience

Systems administrators/engineers/programmers/managers who need to learn the network programming technique.

Course Content (1.5 days)


  1. TCP/IP programming environment in different platforms

  2. Socket interface under UNIX

  3. WinSock interface under Windows

  4. Other network programming interface


  1. Writing and compile a sample TCP/IP program under UNIX

  2. Writing and compile a sample TCP/IP program under Windows

  3. Windows and UNIX interoperability



Knowledge of C language is required.