TCP/IP QoS technology
Course Description


Quality of Services (QoS) is an important issue in current IP implementation. Like VPN and VoIP implementations, all rely on QoS technology to have the best throughput. This course will discuss various QoS techniques that we currently available.

Target Audience

System and network administrators/managers that need to implement and understand the QoS technique in nowadays IP protocol.


Course Content (2 days)


  1. IP QoS technology overview

  2. Classification in IP packets

  3. Different queuing method

  4. Traffic shaping and policing

  5. Congestion avoidance technique

  6. Other QoS techniques

  1. Packet classification and marking configuration

  2. Configure congestion management using Cisco router

  3. Traffic shaping and policing configuration



Elementary TCP/IP knowledge is required, the TCP/IP fundamental course will provide such good foundation.