Elementary Perl script and CGI programming
Course Description


Perl language is not only a powerful programming language that can be used in Web CGI (common gateway interface) development, but also used in many UNIX software packages. If you are a Web developer or UNIX administrator, you should have to come across Perl scripts. This course is designed to help you to learn the basic Perl langauge.

Target Audience

Web developers or UNIX system administrators who need to understand and write the Perl scripts.

Course Content (2days)


  1. Perl language overview

  2. Perl data structure and operators

  3. Regular expressions in Perl

  4. Perl control statements

  5. Built-in functions and subroutines

  6. UNIX administration using Perl

  7. Web CGI scripts using Perl


  1. Creating your the first Perl program

  2. Using Perl operators to manipulate different data structure

  3. Using different regular expressions

  4. Using control statements

  5. Creating subrontines

  6. Writing Perl scripts for UNIX administration

  7. Writing Perl CGI programs



Any basic programming knowledge is recommended.