Introduction to IPv6
Course Description


Due to the dramatic changes in our IP world, the functions provided by our current IP version 4 cannot meet many new requirements. That’s why we need to migrate to IP version 6 very soon. To have a better preparation, this course will discuss this next generation protocol and consider the migration problems that you are going to face.

Target Audience

System and network administrators/managers that need to implement and understand the trend of the next generation IP protocol.


Course Content (1 day)


  1. IPv6 protocol overview

  2. IPv6 header detail

  3. IPv6 address format

  4. Routing consideration

  5. Current implementations

  6. Migration consideration


    Connecting Workstation to Cisco router using IPv6



Elementary TCP/IP knowledge is required, the TCP/IP fundamental course will provide such good foundation. Besides that, the following courses are also recommended: