About Us
e5link provides solutions in mobile data computing to satisfy your business needs. Our product SMpower is a powerful SMS (Short message System) processing server that provides remote control and monitoring functions using mobile phone SMS. Company staffs can just use their existing mobile phones to remotely access/manage files and Emails in the office computers/servers, or even reboot the servers. While I/T supporting staffs can use SMS to manage and control network devices/servers in the network. Besides that SMpower can also be used to monitor PC/servers status, unauthorized login or access of files by notifying users using SMS.
We can further customize the SMpower to monitor or update the databases of your company, or enable/disable server processes. Besides the technical expertise that we have in SMS, we are also strong in mobile phone application developments e.g. using J2ME technology. We can help your company to develop and setup IVRS (interactive voice response system) solutions.

As our aim is to support the SMEs (small and medium enterprises) for mobile solutions implementations, we encourage the using of open source software so as to reduce the cost. Thatís why our solutions are using low cost and affordable.


Apart from the mobile computing solutions, we are also expert in network solutions. We provide consultation services in helping you to design and setup your network infrastructure according to your business requirements.